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Six Flags is one of the most popular theme park companies in the world, known for its thrilling rides and amazing roller coasters. In this article, we will cover all of the Six Flags locations in the United States and explain what each one has to offer.

How Many Six Flags Locations Are There?

Six Flags has a total of 24 properties in the United States and 27 properties across North America. Out of those 24 US properties, 13 are actual Six Flags theme parks and the rest are water parks.

Six Flags Locations

For over six decades, Six Flags has entertained millions of families with world-class coasters, themed rides, and spectacular water parks. Although there are many Six Flags parks across the country, each one has its own unique attractions and experiences for fans to enjoy.

Where Are All the Six Flags Locations in the US?

The Six Flags parks are strategically located to cover each major region of the United States, including Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, and Arizona.


It’s important to note that not all Six Flags parks are open year-round. Some may close due to weather conditions.

1. Six Flags Over Georgia – Austell, Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is a 290-acre park that opened in 1967 as the second Six Flags park. It features 11 roller coaster rides, 1 water ride, and plenty of history as the original Six Flags location.

Some of its most popular rides include:

    • Goliath – A hyper coaster that reaches a maximum speed of 70 mph
    • Batman: The Ride – An inverted roller coaster based on the Batman franchise
    • Mind Bender – One of the first triple-loop roller coasters

2. Six Flags Darien Lake – Darien, New York

This 262-acre park opened in 1964 and features 11 roller coaster rides, 1 water ride, and a long history. Some of its top attractions include:

      • Ride of Steel – A hyper coaster with a height of 208 ft featuring speeds up to 73 mph
      • Predator – A wooden roller coaster with a 90 ft drop
      • Tantrum – A looping roller coaster with corkscrews and cobra rolls

3. Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, Texas

The original Six Flags park opened in 1961 in Arlington, Texas. It covers 212 acres and has been entertaining families for over 60 years. Some highlights include:

      • New Texas Giant – A steel roller coaster with a 79-degree drop
      • Batman The Ride – An inverted roller coaster based on Batman
      • Runaway Mountain – An indoor roller coaster through a faux mountain

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Valencia, California

This 262-acre park opened in 1971 and is known for its massive collection of roller coasters, with 19 in total. Some of its most famous include:

      • X2 – A unique 4th dimension roller coaster with rotating seats
      • Twisted Colossus – A dual-tracked steel hybrid coaster with a 124 ft drop
      • Full Throttle – The world’s tallest and fastest looping roller coaster

5. Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson, New Jersey

Opening in 1974, this 465-acre park features 13 roller coasters and 3 water rides. Some highlights are:

      • Kingda Ka – The world’s tallest roller coaster at 456 ft with speeds up to 128 mph
      • El Toro – An intense wooden roller coaster with a huge 180 ft drop
      • Batman: The Ride – A suspended roller coaster based on Batman

6. Six Flags New England – Agawam, Massachusetts

Originally opening in 1870, this 260-acre park has been operating under the Six Flags name since 1996. It features 11 roller coasters and 4 water rides. Some top attractions include:

      • Superman the Ride – A steel hyper coaster with a height of 221 ft and speeds up to 77 mph
      • Wicked Cyclone – A steel hybrid coaster with 10 airtime moments
      • Pandemonium – A spinning steel coaster with loops and corkscrews

7. Six Flags Great Escape – Queensbury, New York

Opening in 1954 as Storytown USA, this park converted to the Six Flags brand in 1983. It has 35 total attractions including 10 water rides and 6 roller coasters. Some highlights are:

      • Alpine Bobsled Coaster – Inspired by the Winter Olympics with themed vehicles
      • Comet – A classic wooden roller coaster originally built in 1948
      • Splashwater Kingdom – A water park with slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river

8. Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, Illinois

This 304-acre park opened in 1976 and features 15 roller coasters and 4 water rides. It’s divided into 12 themed areas for guests to explore. Some top rides include:

      • Goliath – A hyper coaster that reaches speeds up to 72 mph
      • Raging Bull – The world’s first hyper-twister roller coaster with a 180 ft tall loop
      • Whizzer – A thrilling steel coaster built in 1976 as part of the original park

9. Six Flags Frontier City – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Opening in 1958, this western-themed park has 28 total rides including 5 roller coasters and 3 water rides. Some highlights are:

      • Diamond Back – A thrilling steel coaster with speeds up to 60 mph
      • Wildcat – An exciting wooden coaster built in 1964
      • Gunslinger’s Gorge – An action river ride through the Old West

10. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California

Formerly known as Six Flags Marine World, this park opened in 1968. It uniquely combines a theme park with a zoo, featuring roller coasters alongside animal exhibits. Popular attractions include:

      • Medusa – A floorless roller coaster with speeds up to 63 mph
      • Kong – A twisting, looping roller coaster based on King Kong
      • Penguin Passage – An exhibit with African penguins and puffins

11. Six Flags Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, Texas

Opening in 1992, this relatively new park has 39 coasters across 8 themed areas. Top rides include:

      • Iron Rattler – A steel hybrid coaster with a 180 ft lift hill
      • Superman Krypton Coaster – An exciting floorless roller coaster
      • Pirate’s Reef – A splash park with tipping buckets and slides

12. Six Flags St. Louis – Eureka, Missouri

This 323-acre park opened in 1971 and features 38 attractions across 8 themed areas. As the “Coaster Capital of Missouri,” it has 9 roller coasters including:

      • Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast – A unique shuttle roller coaster that runs both forward and backward
      • American Thunder – A wooden coaster with speeds up to 65 mph
      • Typhoon Twister – A spinning roller coaster with loops and corkscrews

13. Six Flags America – Largo, Maryland

Opened in 1982, this 137-acre park has 11 roller coasters and a wide selection of rides and attractions. Some highlights include:

      • Superman: Ride of Steel – A hyper coaster with a 197 ft tall loop
      • The Joker’s Jinx – A twisted steel coaster with speeds up to 60 mph
      • The Penguin’s Blizzard River – A water ride through icy caves

Six Flags Water Park Names and Locations

In addition to the main theme parks, Six Flags also operates a number of standalone water parks across the US. These are branded separately from the main parks, often using the name Hurricane Harbor.

Here is a list of all the Six Flags water park locations:

      • Six Flags White Water – Marietta, Georgia
      • Hurricane Harbor Chicago – Gurnee, Illinois
      • Hurricane Harbor Rockford – Rockford, Illinois
      • Hurricane Harbor Arlington – Arlington, Texas
      • Hurricane Harbor Splashtown – Spring, Texas
      • Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles – Valencia, California
      • Hurricane Harbor New Jersey – Jackson, New Jersey
      • Hurricane Harbor New England – Agawam, Massachusetts
      • Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      • Hurricane Harbor Phoenix – Phoenix, Arizona
      • Hurricane Harbor Concord – Concord, California

The water parks offer a wide variety of water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and children’s play areas for cooling off during the summer. Having separate branding from the main theme parks allows Six Flags to tailor the water parks to specific markets and demographics.

Do They Have Six Flags in Florida?

There is currently no Six Flags park located in Florida. The closest location is Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Georgia.

However, there was previously a Six Flags park near Miami called Six Flags Atlantis. It operated from 1983 to 1992 in Hollywood, Florida near the intersection of State Road 848 and I-95. The 65-acre park was unfortunately closed after sustaining major damage from Hurricane Andrew.

While Six Flags does not currently have a presence in Florida, the chain has expanded across most other regions of the US. With its thrilling roller coasters and family-friendly water parks, Six Flags offers theme park fun for all ages.

The History and Growth of Six Flags

Six Flags has a long and fascinating history dating back to the 1950s. Here’s a quick overview of how the popular theme park chain began and expanded over the decades:

      • 1961 – Six Flags Over Texas opens in Arlington, Texas as an admission-based theme park. It is divided into six themed lands related to the history of Texas.
      • 1967 – Six Flags Over Georgia opens in Austell, Georgia as the second park in the Six Flags system.
      • 1971 – Six Flags Over Mid-America (now Six Flags St. Louis) opens in Eureka, Missouri.
      • 1976 – Great America opens in Gurnee, Illinois, created by the Marriott Corporation. It becomes Six Flags Great America in 1984.
      • 1991 – Time Warner acquires a 19.5% stake in Six Flags. More Warner Bros. and DC Comics themed rides are added to parks.
      • 1998 – Six Flags begins acquiring other regional parks such as Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens.
      • 2005 – The company begins operating standalone water parks next to its properties.
      • 2010 – Six Flags emerges from bankruptcy and starts improving financial performance.
      • 2021 – Six Flags announces its 27th park, Hurricane Harbor Chicago.

Over the past 60+ years, Six Flags has grown from a single park in Texas to a multi-billion dollar entertainment company spanning North America. With innovative roller coasters and attractions, Six Flags continues to provide thrills to families everywhere.

The Benefits of Visiting a Six Flags Park

There are many great reasons to visit a Six Flags theme park on your next vacation:

      • Thrilling Rides – Six Flags is known for its impressive collection of high-speed, record-breaking roller coasters and rides. You’ll find heart-pounding thrills for all ages and courage levels.
      • Theme Park Variety – Each Six Flags park has its own unique theme, atmosphere, and selection of attractions. This gives you a different experience at each location.
      • Water Parks – Most properties include a Hurricane Harbor water park, allowing you to cool off with lazy rivers, wave pools, slides, and more.
      • Family Friendly – From kid-sized rides to entertaining shows, Six Flags provides fun for the whole family. Group rates and packages are available.
      • Season Passes – Pass holders receive unlimited visits, free parking, discounts on food and merchandise, and other perks all season long.
      • Coaster Community – Six Flags parks attract enthusiastic coaster fans. You’ll meet people just as excited about roller coasters as you are!

With incredible rides, entertainment, and value, Six Flags offers an excellent destination for your next theme park getaway. And with locations coast to coast, there’s likely a park conveniently near you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Six Flags Parks

Here are answers to some common FAQs about visiting Six Flags theme parks and water parks:

How much does it cost to visit a Six Flags park?

      • Ticket prices vary by location and date. General single-day admission ranges from $40 – $80 for Six Flags parks, and $30 – $50 for Hurricane Harbor water parks.

What is the best way to save money on Six Flags tickets?

      • Look for online discounts and advance purchase deals. Membership passes, group rates, and season dining passes also offer savings.

How old do you have to be to ride roller coasters at Six Flags?

      • Rider height requirements vary by ride, but most intense roller coasters have a minimum height of 42″-48″. Some gentler coasters accommodate riders under 42″.

Can you bring food and drinks into Six Flags?

      • Yes, guests are permitted to bring food, snacks, and beverages into Six Flags parks. No alcohol is allowed.

Do Six Flags parks offer discounts for seniors and kids?

    • Yes, discounted admission is available for seniors over 60 years old and kids under 48″ tall. Babies 2 and under are free.

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