Everything You Need to Know About Six Flags Locations Across Usa

Six Flags is one of the most popular and well-known theme park chains in the United States. Owned and operated by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the company has expanded over the years to include 26 parks across North America. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all of the Six Flags locations found within the US and what each one has to offer visitors.

Six Flags

Introduction to Six Flags Theme Parks

Six Flags parks are best known for their incredible collection of thrilling roller coasters and rides. They feature cutting-edge designs and technology from top manufacturers like Bolliger & Mabillard, Intamin, and Rocky Mountain Construction. Six Flags puts major investments into new rides and attractions every year, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to experience.

Six Flags Theme Parks

In addition to the rides, Six Flags locations provide a wide array of entertainment, shows, events, and activities for guests. This includes opportunities to meet Looney Tunes characters, see stunt shows, and participate in seasonal celebrations. Most parks also have a water park component for cooling off in the summer heat.

Food, shopping, and theming are other key aspects of Six Flags theme parks. You can dine on classic amusement fare like funnel cake and turkey legs, or try local and regional favorites. Souvenir shops are stocked with merchandise so guests can remember their visit. Themed sections and decor transport visitors into immersive lands and stories.

Six Flags has come to dominate the industry in many major markets around the country. They attract millions of visitors each year looking for their next adrenaline rush.

How Many Six Flags Locations Are There?

How Many Six Flags Locations Are There

Currently, there are 26 Six Flags-branded parks, with 24 located in the United States. Here’s the complete breakdown:

  • 13 full Six Flags theme parks
  • 11 Six Flags water parks
  • 2 Six Flags adventure parks

The water parks and adventure parks are generally located right next to or very close to a main Six Flags theme park. The company sometimes gives them slightly different names, like Hurricane Harbor, to differentiate the experiences.

Where Are All of The Six Flags Located in the US?

In this section, we’ll go through every Six Flags location found in the United States today. We’ve organized them by region from east to west for easier browsing.


Six Flags Northeast US Locations

The Northeast is home to 5 Six Flags properties, including some of the company’s oldest and most beloved parks.

1. Six Flags Over Georgia – Austell, Georgia

  • Opened: 1967
  • Signature Rides: Goliath, a hyper coaster reaching 235 feet tall and speeds of 70 mph; Mind Bender, an iconic coaster with multiple loops
  • Water Park: Six Flags White Water Atlanta

Six Flags Over Georgia - Austell, Georgia

As the first Six Flags park, Six Flags Over Georgia holds a special place in theme park history. It introduced the franchise model and many innovations like themed lands. Guests can experience one of the largest coaster collections in the chain here.

2. Six Flags Darien Lake – Darien, New York

  • Opened: 1981 (Six Flags acquired in 2007)
  • Signature Rides: Tantrum, a unique coaster with forward and backward segments; Predator, a floorless looping coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor SplashTown

Six Flags Darien Lake - Darien, New York

Originally built independently as an amusement park, Darien Lake was added to Six Flags later on. It continues to provide great rides and entertainment like laser tag for families in upstate New York.

3. Six Flags Great Escape – Queensbury, New York

  • Opened: 1954 (Six Flags acquired in 1983)
  • Signature Rides: Comet, a classic woodie dating back to the park’s origins; Sasquatch, high thrill wooden coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Great Escape

Six Flags Great Escape - Queensbury, New York

Another historic park adopted by Six Flags, Great Escape encapsulates that perfect amusement park atmosphere. Families especially adore Fort Henry with its activities and characters.

4. Six Flags New England – Agawam, Massachusetts

  • Opened: 1870 (Six Flags acquired in 1998)
  • Signature Rides: Superman the Ride, a towering coaster with speeds over 70 mph; Wicked Cyclone, a thrilling RMC I-Box coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New England

Initially called Riverside Park, Six Flags New England has evolved substantially since starting out over 150 years ago. Today it features some of Six Flags’ top roller coasters and attractions.

5. Six Flags America – Largo, Maryland

  • Opened: 1982 (Six Flags acquired in 1993)
  • Signature Rides: Superman – Ride of Steel, the first Intamin hypercoaster on the East Coast; Roar, a twisted wooden coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Washington DC

Formerly known as Adventure World, Six Flags America provides excellent DC area access to signature Six Flags rides and entertainment. The park presents plenty of superhero-theming as well.

Six Flags Midwest US Locations

The middle of the country has 4 Six Flags parks to satisfy thrill seekers regionally.

6. Six Flags Over Texas – Arlington, Texas

  • Opened: 1961
  • Signature Rides: New Texas Giant, an iconic hybrid coaster; Batman the Ride, a B&M inverted coaster with loops
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington

As the first themed Six Flags park, Six Flags Over Texas made history in 1961. It set the model for immersing guests in themed lands. Texans continue to enjoy this flagship location to this day.

7. Six Flags St. Louis – Eureka, Missouri

  • Opened: 1971
  • Signature Rides: Mr. Freeze, a unique backward and forwards launched coaster; Boss, a massive wooden coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis presents a great mix of high-thrill coasters and family entertainment. Unique attractions like the 1880s train in the 1904 World’s Fair area provide nostalgia.

8. Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, Illinois

  • Opened: 1976 (under Marriott ownership until 1984)
  • Signature Rides: Maxx Force, currently the fastest launch coaster in North America; Raging Bull, a hyper coaster reaching a height of 195 feet
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Chicago

During its early years under Marriott, Great America was a major park expansion. When Six Flags acquired it, they transformed it into one of the Midwest’s top theme park destinations.

9. Frontier City – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Opened: 1958 (Six Flags acquired in 2018)
  • Signature Rides: Diamond Back, a thrilling roller coaster with an 80-foot first drop; Wild Kitty, a unique compact steel coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City

Frontier City embraces its Western theme as a longstanding Oklahoma City tradition. With new Six Flags ownership, favorites like the Wild West Falls flume ride have been joined by major coaster additions.

Six Flags Western US Locations

The Western arm of Six Flags includes their California properties and beyond.

10. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Valencia, California

  • Opened: 1971
  • Signature Rides: Twisted Colossus, an RMC I-Box conversion of a wooden racing coaster; X2, a unique 4th dimension coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain holds the record for the most roller coasters of any theme park in the world. Its proximity to Los Angeles makes it a prime destination for adrenaline junkies.

11. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California

  • Opened: 1968 (branded as Six Flags since 2007)
  • Signature Rides: Batman: The Ride, a B&M inverted coaster; Kong, a looping shuttle coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

Previously known as Six Flags Marine World, Discovery Kingdom is the only Six Flags park to feature extensive animal exhibits. It provides a unique blend of wild rides and wildlife encounters.

12. Six Flags Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, Texas

  • Opened: 1992
  • Signature Rides: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, the world’s first single rail coaster; Iron Rattler, an RMC I-Box conversion coaster
  • Water Park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor San Antonio

As a former independent park called Fiesta Texas, this San Antonio park brought a major regional theme park to central Texas when it opened. Now as a Six Flags park, it houses record-breaking new rides in beautiful settings.

13. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix – Phoenix, Arizona

  • Opened: 2020
  • Signature Attractions: Tidal Wave, a massive wave pool; Paradise Island, a play structure with tipping buckets

The newest addition to the Six Flags family, Hurricane Harbor Phoenix provides water fun for the southwest. Conveniently located next to the former Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix water park, Six Flags transformed it into a star attraction.

Six Flags Water Park Names – Why Do They Have Different Names?

As mentioned previously, most full Six Flags theme parks have an attached water park for cooling off in the hot summer months. While they are part of the overall Six Flags property, the water parks sometimes go by different names:

  • Six Flags White Water is the original water park name, used at 3 locations currently
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the most common water park name, shared by 12 locations
  • Some use unique names like Six Flags SplashTown and Six Flags Paradise Island

The reasoning behind the two main water park names is tied to company history. When Six Flags originally started launching water parks, they were called Six Flags White Water beginning with Atlanta in 1984.

In 1995, Six Flags debuted a new dual-park model with Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia and a bungee jump at the new Six Flags White Water Atlanta. To differentiate this new style of park, they branded the waterside as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and began rolling that name out to new expansions.

Over time, some of the original White Water parks were converted over to Hurricane Harbor for brand consistency. But a few like the Atlanta flagship kept the classic White Water name. Both names are now used depending on the park’s history and branding strategy in the region.

Do They Have Six Flags in Florida?

No, there are currently no Six Flags-branded parks located in Florida. The company previously had a presence in the Sunshine State with these now-defunct parks:

  • Six Flags Atlantis – A park located in Hollywood, Florida from 1999 to 2005. It started as a water park called Splash World, then Six Flags took over and added rides. The park closed due to issues like damage from Hurricane Andrew.
  • Six Flags Holland – Originally known as Circus World in Haines City, Florida, this park operated from 1974 to 1986. It featured circus-themed rides and shows. Six Flags ran it for one year in 1985 before it closed.

While Six Flags does not have any Florida locations today, they attract many visitors from the state to their nearby Georgia and Texas parks. The company also maintains corporate offices in Jacksonville, FL.

Ranking the Top Six Flags Parks in the US

Now that we’ve outlined all the Six Flags properties across the United States, here is a breakdown of the top 5 Six Flags parks:

  1. Six Flags Magic Mountain – No other Six Flags park can match the coaster count. Magic Mountain offers thrills for all ages.
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure – A massive property with great diversity. Great Adventure has groundbreaking coasters and attractions like the Safari.
  3. Six Flags Over Georgia – The original Six Flags park remains one of their best with charm and significant history.
  4. Six Flags Great America – Great America provides the complete package for families and thrill-seekers in the Chicago area.
  5. Six Flags Over Texas – As the first themed Six Flags park, Over Texas pioneered immersive theme park experiences that still entertain guests of all ages.

The Legacy and Impact of Six Flags

Over 60 years, Six Flags has cemented itself as one of the leaders of the theme park industry worldwide. Their parks offer incredible experiences ranging from record-breaking roller coasters to water adventures. Millions continue to visit Six Flags locations each year and create unforgettable memories.

From its origins in Texas and Georgia, Six Flags has expanded across America through new developments and acquisitions. The company has preserved historic parks while seamlessly integrating them into its brand. Local flavors and influences provide regional character on top of the signature Six Flags thrills.

For families, teens, and anyone who loves amusement parks, Six Flags offers world-class entertainment. Their commitment to innovation with rides, shows, and experiences has contributed immensely to the theme park world over decades. With new investments and additions arriving annually, Six Flags parks will continue making an impact for years to come.

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