How to Become a Disney Princess

Making a real connection with a beloved Disney Princess character is often the crowning jewel of a visit to the Disney theme parks. Their ability to embody these iconic roles while interacting conversationally makes for authentically magical moments that delight guests of all ages. While meet-and-greet lines for the other beloved Disney characters may move quickly, families are often willing to wait over an hour for these memorable princess encounters.

From preschoolers to grandparents, guests cherish the photos, hugs, and sincere conversations afforded by the talented face character cast members. Though expensive fur character costumes allow ease of movement and accessibility, the graceful princesses spark the imagination. Their flowing gowns seem to float as they engage visitors with wit, wisdom and signature catch phrases from their classic films. Indeed, the substance and length of each individual conversation can lead the guest to feel they have made a real new friend inside the Disney dream.

These special meetings have not only made for treasured family photos and memories, but also inspired life-long dreams, sparked self-confidence, and motivated real-world achievement for those who briefly brush princess pixie dust. While fairy tales do come true daily at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for multitudes of delighted guests, anyone can tap into the virtues they represent with courage and kindness through each magical connection.

Princess Requirements

The opportunity to play iconic Disney royalty at Walt Disney World remains exceptionally rare and competitive. Candidates aspiring to transform into these beloved characters onstage must first meet rigorous qualifications covering physical attributes, performance skills, princess resemblance, energy levels, and unwavering cheerfulness.

Height and Age Range

Female performers ages 18-30 who stand between 4’11” and 5’8” may audition. Specific height specifications apply depending on the character, with the smallest Fae roles starting at 4’11” and more elegant royalty topping out around 5’7”. Candidates must also have a slender and athletic build for the extensive movement involved.

Performance Skills

More than mere beauty is required, as candidates need rounded acting talents allowing emotional depth and theatrical flair. Graceful coordination, fluid dance skills enabling choreography mastery, and endless energy are necessities given the active, interactive nature of the role across a sprawling theme park. Resemblance to the facial features of specific Disney Princesses can make or break casting as well.

Work Ethic & Traits

In addition to embodying characters flawlessly for excited park guests, these tireless performers must maintain consistent cheerfulness behind the scenes all day. They indulge fans with unwavering kindness, empathy, and energy while concealing hardcore physical labor like endless miles walked daily in heavier costumes under picture-perfect smiled and waves.

Passing the first round of competitive auditions allows entry into intensive Disney Princess performer training. But successfully bringing to life such iconic global role models before adoring fans takes rare talent combined with an outstanding work ethic. Those precious few who make the cut find all the performance hardships outweighed by the joy of creating magical memories.

Vital Statistics to Embody a Disney Princess

  • Female performers only
  • Ages 18-30
  • Slender and athletic build
  • Overall height range: 4’11” – 5’8”
  • Height by character:
    • 4’11”-5’2”: Faeries like Tinkerbell
    • 5’2”-5’7”: Most classic princesses
    • 5’7”-5’10”: Pocahontas, Esmeralda
  • Graceful coordination and fluid dance ability
  • Located in/willing to relocate to Orlando, FL

Additional Skills and Traits

  • Strong theatrical acting talents
  • Resemblance to character facial features
  • Thorough princess knowledge
  • Tireless energy and unwavering kindness
  • Consistent cheerfulness behind the scenes
  • Physical durability for demanding role

How to Apply to Be a Disney Princess

The path to potentially becoming a beloved Disney Princess begins with a rigorous online application process. Candidates should anticipate multiple phases including auditions, costume test fitting, and several elimination rounds.

  1. Find current job listings on Disney Auditions
  2. Create a performer profile on Disney Auditions Portal
  3. Upload any photos, videos, and additional info to your profile (reference this Disney Auditions YouTube Channel)
  4. Submit the first part of the application
  5. Now, head to Disney Auditions Check-In
  6. Upload any additional photos they ask for
  7. Submit the final part of the application

Next Phase: In-Person Auditions

  • Those selected will be contacted to schedule an in-person audition
  • Multiple audition rounds over several days feature acting, dancing, singing
  • Candidates audition for any open role rather than a specific princess
  • Finalists may be fitted for hair, makeup and costumes
  • Several elimination rounds gradually narrow down the field

The in-person auditions process is extremely selective, however, it represents a crucial step closer to achieving the princess performer dream for those chosen. With intense preparation and dedication, a touch of that famous Disney magic could launch a transformative new career chapter.

The select few chosen through fiercely competitive auditions embark on extensive training across numerous areas from dialect mastery to proper costume-wearing. Actresses must wholly transform into their royal character before interacting with park guests by fully embracing and mirroring gestures, accents, singing talents, reactions and more specific to that Princess.

Rigorous Onboarding Areas:

  • Character History Knowledge
  • Signature Princess Dialect Training
  • Uniform Stage Makeup Application
  • Autograph Signing Technique Perfected
  • Costume Movement and Graceful Carrying
  • Disney’s 5 Keys to Excellence Customer Service Model

While onboarding training demands long work weeks, it sets the foundation to convincingly inhabit famous film roles in fulfilling lifelong dreams. Once completely immersed in character, these regal performers delight park attendees of all ages with magical meetings for years to come.

Though the odds seem daunting and preparation exhaustive, applicants with dedication can manifest this coveted career if, as Cinderella once wisely said: “You have the courage to pursue your dreams.”

After the Audition

After the grueling auditions, those selected by Disney’s casting directors to play iconic princess roles must then extensively train to fully inhabit their famous character. Success in auditions alone cannot sustain bringing these beloved roles to life daily before multitudes of expectant theme park fans.

Intense onboarding over multiple weeks instills both dramatic performance skills and operational knowledge needed to achieve role accuracy and consistency. Training focuses on:

  • Mastering the princess’ distinctive dialect through ongoing vocal lessons
  • Applying the correct stage makeup for that character during daily prep
  • Perfecting graceful movements and costume-wearing techniques
  • Learning signature autograph signing methods
  • Internalizing comprehensive backstories and film details
  • Shadowing veteran performer mentors on the job

The princess performer onboarding journey then culminates with a final assessment by Disney management determining show readiness. Only then can the actress begin officially meeting and delighting park attendees in regular princess character interactions through the magic of Disney dreams fulfilled.

While the training seems laborious, fully embracing these preparatory steps allows the privilege of inspiring joy in children and families by authentically bringing such iconic characters to life.

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