No, Disney does not own the popular Wizarding World franchise centered around Harry Potter. While Disney owns many prominent film properties, the rights to Harry Potter remain with author J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Rowling retains full control and ownership over her intellectual property. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers holds the production and distribution rights to the film adaptations of the Harry Potter book series.


Who Owns the Rights to Harry Potter?

While Disney has acquired many major entertainment properties, they do not own the wildly popular Harry Potter franchise. The various rights to Harry Potter are distributed among key stakeholders:

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Owned solely by author J.K. Rowling

Publishing Rights

  • Scholastic (US)
  • Bloomsbury (UK)

Film Rights

  • Warner Brothers

Theme Park Rights

  • Universal Studios

Why Didn’t Disney get the Wizarding Franchise?

Disney did not obtain the lucrative rights to produce Harry Potter movies. One year after J.K. Rowling’s first book debuted, Warner Brothers secured the film rights.

By the time Disney explored making an offer, Warner Brothers had already begun pre-production on the inaugural Harry Potter film. Their early move to acquire the movie rights effectively beat out Disney and other studios.

Can Disney buy Harry Potter?

While unlikely, it is theoretically possible for Disney to purchase rights to the Wizarding World franchise in the future. However, major obstacles stand in the way.

Disney would need to put forward an exceptionally lucrative offer that convinces both J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers to relinquish control. Given Warner’s vast financial investment and multi-decade custody of the film rights, they have little incentive to sell.

Additionally, Rowling has demonstrated fierce protectiveness over her intellectual property through shrewd business negotiations, including with Disney over theme park rights. She would require creative autonomy guarantees.

With these barriers, Disney securing Harry Potter rights remains improbable. The priority is explaining this insider entertainment perspective transparently for fans who wonder if a future sale could ever occur.

Is Harry Potter Disney or Universal?

In the early 2000s, Universal Studios won the rights to build Harry Potter-themed attractions over Walt Disney World. Author J.K. Rowling entered negotiations allowing a theme park to recreate Hogwarts and the Wizarding World.

Disney attempted to sign an agreement with Rowling, but could not align creatively on her vision. So Walt Disney World and its Magic Kingdom missed the opportunity.

Instead, Universal Studios Orlando constructed The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to immense success. They built an immersive Hogsmeade village featuring signature rides like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Fans curious whether they can visit a Harry Potter Disney theme park can now understand why Universal Studios serves that magical role. The focus is communicating this industry knowledge clearly and transparently for theme park fans.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

After negotiations with Disney fell through, J.K. Rowling signed a lucrative deal giving Universal Studios exclusive rights to Harry Potter theme park attractions. Universal went on to develop immersive lands recreating Hogwarts and Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Where is the Harry Potter Theme Park?

Fans can experience the magic at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in California. The themed lands have become the most popular attractions at both resorts thanks to intricately detailed sets and groundbreaking rides.

What Can You Do at the Harry Potter Theme Park?

Guests are transported into Harry Potter’s world across recreated locales like Hogsmeade Village, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts castle itself. Popular experiences include wand choosing in Ollivanders, butterbeer at the Leaky Cauldron pub, and marquee attractions like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey thrill ride.

Where can you Watch Harry Potter Movies?

Harry Potter fans often want to know the best streaming options to revisit the magical series. Finding an affordable service with the full Wizarding World catalog has proven tricky.


Thanks to a new licensing deal, NBC’s Peacock streaming now houses all 8 original Harry Potter films including Sorcerer’s Stone and Deathly Hallows Part 2. However, Peacock does not have the full Fantastic Beasts series yet – only the first two prequel movies.

Amazon Prime Video

Alternatively, Prime Video now features the complete libraries of both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series. But unlike Peacock, Prime Video requires purchasing the movies individually or bundled even with a Prime subscription. The upside is some purchases include exclusive bonus content.

Can you watch Harry Potter on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, Disney+ does not feature the Harry Potter film series. Since Disney does not own the Wizarding World movie rights, the films are not included in their streaming catalog. This continues to disappoint fans seeking on-demand access.

Is Harry Potter Leaving HBO?

HBO Max announced Harry Potter will leave their platform in August 2023, disappointing loyal fans. The 8-film catalog had been a crown jewel property since HBO Max’s 2020 launch. Its pending departure leaves the next streaming home unknown – it could move to another service or return to cable/broadcast.

For now, fans have limited time to stream on HBO Max before the August expiration. Take advantage to re-watch the magical journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Rumors suggest Disney could acquire HBO Max’s parent company. If Disney purchased HBO, it would reshape the future home and availability of Harry Potter films and HBO’s wider content library. But such a mega-deal remains speculative industry chatter for now.

Does Disney Own Star Wars?

Yes, The Walt Disney Company fully owns the Star Wars franchise after purchasing Lucasfilm from creator George Lucas in 2012 for over $4 billion. This acquisition also secured Disney the rights to other Lucasfilm properties like Indiana Jones.

Within 6 years, Disney had already generated enough Star Wars profit to recoup their massive investment. Since then, the media giant has continued expanding the sci-fi empire across films, theme parks, merchandise and more.

This clarifies Disney’s current ownership for fans curious if they control the beloved Star Wars galaxy. By transparently communicating the Lucasfilm deal details and ensuing commercial success, audiences better understand how the franchise reached Disney’s possession.

Is There A Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World?

Yes, there is an epic Star Wars-themed land at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge fully immerses guests in their own Star Wars stories.

Galaxy’s Edge features incredibly detailed alien architecture, lifelike droids roaming around, land speeders used as photo ops, and remnants of old starships punctuating the landscape. Guests can interact with characters, pilot the Millennium Falcon ride, construct their own lightsabers, and dine on themed cuisine at locales like Oga’s Cantina.

Disney’s ambition was to create an authentic, lived-in Star Wars village that visitors could get lost in for hours. The land’s attention to detail and theatrical touches successfully make fans feel transported to a galaxy far, far away. From all appearances, they have achieved their goal with Galaxy’s Edge.

What Else has Disney Bought?

Beyond high-profile purchases like Star Wars and Marvel, Disney has acquired other major entertainment assets cementing their industry dominance.

In 2019, Disney won a fierce bidding war against Comcast/NBCUniversal to purchase 21st Century Fox film/TV divisions for over $73 billion. This gave them control of franchises like Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Alien and The Simpsons – plus Fox’s stake in Hulu.

The landmark deal followed Disney’s earlier $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm. And their 2009 purchase of Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion as well.

Through key acquisitions, The Walt Disney Company has brought many fan-favorite entertainment properties under their corporate umbrella the last 15 years. For audiences, it consolidates many beloved movies/shows under one far-reaching media empire.

What Companies Does Disney Own?

Beyond prominent film brands, Disney has acquired various media assets cementing their position as the world’s largest entertainment company.

Disney Affiliated Companies

Walt Disney Studios – Produces Disney animated features, Pixar movies, Marvel films, Lucasfilm’s Star Wars entries, etc.

Disney Channel – Popular cable TV network airing Disney shows, movies and programming.

ESPN – Leading sports media brand and a top destination for live sports and commentary.

Hulu – Majority shareholder of leading online streaming platform Hulu.

Walt Disney Company Iberia – Manages Disney’s business operations and promotes their brands in the Iberian Peninsula.

And many more spanning film, television, streaming, theme parks, publications and international localizations.

The sprawling Walt Disney Company ecosystem continues growing through high-profile acquisitions of beloved entertainment properties. For consumers, it concentrates many favorite creative brands under Disney’s umbrella.


As one of the most beloved franchises ever, Harry Potter retains an extremely devoted fanbase over 20 years since its debut. With recent news around a reboot, spin-offs, and new releases, fans are eager to learn what the future may hold for further exploring J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

Harry Potter Reboot

Rumblings of a reboot recasting the iconic roles and following a new generation of Hogwarts students have persisted for years. While Warner Bros. has not greenlit anything officially, many fans thrill at the idea of seeing fresh takes on their favorite characters. A reboot could introduce the magic to a new audience.

Harry Potter Spin-Offs

So far, the most visible Harry Potter spin-off project has been the Fantastic Beasts film series spotlighting Newt Scamander’s adventures in the 1920s wizarding world. While the first two installments succeeded both critically and commercially, recent reports suggest Fantastic Beasts 4 may have been cancelled following poor reception to the third film, concerning fans.

When Does Hogwarts Legacy Come Out?

Another major Harry Potter spin-off project enthralling fans is the upcoming video game Hogwarts Legacy, slated for release in late 2022. Set in the 1800s wizarding world, it will let players create their own customized character to attend Hogwarts and experience life as a student.

Fans are eager to be immersed in the magical school setting they love from the books/films in this ambitious open-world action RPG. They’ll get to master spells, and potions, tame beasts, and explore a Hogwarts era never before depicted.

Inclusive character customization will be a celebrated feature, with the game allowing users to create trans witches and wizards to represent themselves in the fantasy adventure.

For Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts Legacy represents a dream interactive experience. The ability to insert themselves into Rowling’s magical realm and forge their own legacy builds enormous anticipation among young and old fans alike as they await its launch.

Are They Remaking Harry Potter?

While rumors of a reboot with a new cast have circulated, the original Harry Potter story and characters remain unchanged and no official remake plans have been announced. However, fresh expansions continue enchanting fans.

Harry Potter Reunion

In early 2022, HBO Max aired the highly-anticipated Return to Hogwarts reunion special. It featured Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and core cast members reminiscing about favorite memories. This heartwarming, nostalgic celebration was a viral event allowing fans to revisit the magic.

Harry Potter’s Story Continues

As the story continues beyond the books/movies, Harry Potter has conquered theater in the form of the acclaimed stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The ambitious production earns rave reviews for its illusions and effects which terrifically realize the wizarding world for live audiences.

With these and other upcoming projects like fresh spins on Fantastic Beasts, the lasting legacy of J.K. Rowling’s series persists in new ways. Fans can expect more magical adventures as the Harry Potter franchise continues evolving.

More Harry Potter movies? Harry Potter sequel?

Harry Potter fans continue hoping for announcements of new movies extending the beloved series. While no official sequel plans have been confirmed, author J.K. Rowling keeps building enthusiasm by further exploring her wizarding world via the ongoing Fantastic Beasts prequel film series.

Many devotees feel the next Fantastic Beasts chapter could ultimately pave the way for fresh adventures following Harry, Ron and Hermione’s story. Until then, fans eagerly revisit the eight original Harry Potter films to relive the magic of Hogwarts.

For now, the franchise’s future onscreen remains unclear. But after two decades, the passionate fanbase’s appetite for more big-screen tales set in Rowling’s magical universe persists. So speculation and anticipation will likely swirl around any possible sequels returning fans to Harry Potter’s world.

Final Thoughts

While Disney did not ultimately acquire rights to Harry Potter, both entertainment titans continue thriving immensely. Rowling’s wizarding franchise remains deeply embedded in popular culture, still captivating fans new and old across books, films, games and more.

Meanwhile, Disney’s savvy acquisitions of brands like Marvel and Star Wars fueled their dominance to over $130 billion in total assets. Yet devoted audiences, creative vision and skillful worldbuilding remain the true magic behind both their enduring success.

And the spellbinding journey is not over. With innovations like interactive Hogwarts Legacy games and immersive Disney Galaxy’s Edge lands, Rowling and Disney transport legions of passionate fans to beloved fictional realms for adventures without limits. More dream-making across mediums is doubtless still to come.


Did JK Rowling sell harry potter?

Yes, author J.K. Rowling sold the Harry Potter film rights to Warner Bros. in 1999 for $2 million, plus backend profits. This deal also included rights to Harry Potter video games, merchandise and more. It transformed Rowling’s financial situation while launching the wizarding franchise globally.

Are the Harry Potter books better than the movies?

For some fans, Rowling’s original novels offer a richer, more detailed Harry Potter experience than the movies. Her intricate worldbuilding and character development allow readers to immerse themselves in the story. Films require condensing plots into limited runtimes. So books may better satisfy fans seeking the full magical journey.

Does Disney own the Orlando Magic?

No, the Orlando Magic NBA franchise is not owned by Disney. The team has been owned by the DeVos family since original founder Richard DeVos helped launch it in 1989. After DeVos passed in 2018, ownership transferred to his successors. The Magic play at the Amway Center in Orlando.


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